Dr Teo Soo-Hwang

(Chief Executive Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation)

Dr. Teo Soo Hwang is the Chief Executive for Cancer Research Initiative Foundation (CARIF) and heads the breast cancer research team. Working together with University Malaya since 2003, CARIF has been conducting the Malaysian Breast Cancer Genetic Study (MyBrCa). This study aims to determine how genes that we inherit influence our risk to developing breast cancer. To date, the study has recruited more than 1,000 women to the study and has conducted studies on breast cancer genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA2 (pronounced bra-kah one and bra-kah two). More recently, CARIF has been offering genetic counselling and genetic testing to individuals who have familial breast cancer.

Dr Teo Soo Hwang obtained a First Class Honours Degree and PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. She continued her research career at Cambridge, first as a post-doctoral researcher, then as a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow. Dr Teo returned to Malaysia in 2001 to establish CARIF, the first non-profit cancer research organisation in Malaysia. Today, CARIF employs 22 scientists and conducts a wide range of research in an effort to identify more effective ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, with a particular focus on cancer in Malaysia.