The extensive, on-going public education and awareness programmes conducted by BCWA aims to change public perception, attitude, behaviour and action concerning breast health. The message cannot be emphasized enough, that early detection and timely medical treatment of breast cancer are crucial in increasing the chances of preventing premature deaths. BCWA continues to hold exhibitions, talks and workshops that are conducted in different languages to educate the public on breast health awareness. Specific topics are covered during these public educational and awareness programmes such as:-
Methods of early detection of breast cancer including mammogram, clinical breast examination and breast self-examination;
Benefits of early detection and time medical treatment including testimonies given by breast cancer survivors;
Adopting an energy-balanced lifestyle at a young age to prevent non-communicable diseases including cancers.

In 2011, 75 public education and awareness programmes were conducted by BCWA which benefitted almost 6,000 people. Exhibitions and road shows organised by BCWA and other partners at public venues played an important role in promoting breast cancer awareness. Educational materials in local languages containing information on breast health were distributed to members of the public during these events.

Throughout the year 2011, BCWA had overwhelming media coverage in the major newspapers, television and radio, web media as well as magazines of various languages. Some of them are RTM Malaysia, TV3, Wayang Tinggi Productions (movie titled “My Mother”), United Nations Radio, Hisiong Online Media,, Malaysia Zoom,, MyMetro,, Harper Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Cleo, Women’s Weekly, Gorgeous Magazine, Leo Burnett, Expatriate Lifestyle, Feminine, The Charm, Jessica, Challenges Magazines, Wanita and Aniqah.